Mark Hamlyn's 3DHS Slick Tim's J-3 Cub

TRAMPS 2015 Airshow

The TRAMPS Airshow will be on June 27th at our Rennie School Rd field. Whether you fly or not we invite everyone to come join us. There are always plenty of Jets, giant scale, and biplanes flying.

BARC Spring Fling

The 8th annual BARC's Spring Fling Fun Fly will be held on Saturday May 16th from 10:00am until 3:00pm. We will be flying from the blacktop runway at Thompsonville airport. Click here for more information.

Kalkaska Trout Festival Air Show

The 2015 KAMPS airshow is Sunday, April 26th. The airshow time is from 1:00pm - 3:00pm, weather permitting. There will be open flying before the airshow as well.

Drone Project

The scale drone project for the lighthouse society is progressing very well. There will be an open house in May. Click the image to the right to see more!

Indoor Flying

Winter is finally gone. It really hung on this year! We would like to thank all the people who helped organize the indoor flying.

2015 Officers

At the November meeting the 2015 officers were elected. Kim and Dan will be serving another year in their respective positions. Mark Hamlyn will be the new Vice President and Mike Huskins as the Secretary. The 2015 Board Members will be Ben Komrska, Brian Green, and Steve Plamondon, and Rob McDonald. You can also find the complete list here.

2014 Wounded Warrior Project Airshow

This year TRAMPS and BARCS teamed up for a fall airshow to raise money for the wounded warrior project. It was an amazing success. The airshow went very well there was even a very nice pyrotechnics display in the mid day show! Marshall's F-4 also stole the show with the blazing high speed passes.

Thank you to all the TRAMPS members that came out and flew!

TRAMPS 2014 Airshow

Day one of the Air Show is complete. What a beautiful day at the Empire Airport. Blue skies and light winds. We would like to thank Tim Jesky, AMA District VII Vice President, for coming out for the show. We're hoping the weather holds out for tomorrow as well.

TRAMPS 2013 Air Show

We would like to thank everyone for making the 2013 TRAMPS airshow a success again this year. A huge job well done to all the members who performed various roles there especially Doug Sattler our CD for the event. Even though they forcast rain all weekend the worst we has was some early fog and early low clouds. Check the photo page for pictures from the show. Click here for more information.

TRAMPS Air Show 2012

We would like to thank everyone who braved the winds to come out and watch or fly at this years air show. Everyone had a great time. Look for some new pictures on the photos page.

Stuka P-51 and B-25